• Do I have to pay to use GSAR's property search tools?
  • No. All tools and features on GSAR's listing search portal are free of charge.

  • Where do the listings on GSAR come from?
  • GSAR operates a web-based multiple listing service for its members, a great means by which real property for sale in the entire state of Michigan is marketed. Listings are updated regularly so that you get all new homes listed for sale in real time.

  • How often is the property information on GSAR updated?
  • General property information and information on tax assessments is updated once every year.

  • Home buyers and home sellers

  • I found a property I'm interested in. What do I do next?
  • Since we do not provide brokerage services, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for that property. You can find the contact information in the right side of the property description.

  • Can I buy a home on GSAR?
  • We are not a brokerage company, so you cannot buy a home through our website. However, once you found one or more properties that interest you and you're all set to take the next step, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for each property. You can also browse our agent directory and find a suitable broker to represent you.

  • I already know the address or the MLS# of a property I'm interested in. How can I find more information on it on GSAR?
  • Click on the "Looking for an exact address or listing" link on the Home page. Type in the address or the MLS number and click "Search." You'll be taken directly to the property you want.

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